Generally people don’t sue unless they feel they have been damaged. Most lawyers won’t take a case for prosecution unless they feel its legitimate. Where as everyone gets a defense… even if its totally made up.

Ego seems to be the big factor in lawsuits. The Ego is a dangerous factor. Once you get over the ego part, you make better decisions.

My friend in Alaska has about 600 apartments. We were talking evictions one day and I asked him how many evictions he has. He told me very few. I asked how could that be. He told me he got smart. Smart, I said? How?

The story was that his last eviction cost him $65,000 in legal fees. He said after that he took a new approach. He pays people to move. He told in me that after all the legal fees he has had to pay, its faster and more successful to just offer the tenant some money to move. He does not pay the attorney, he get’s his apartment back in better shape, and the tenant moves quicker saving him money.

So here is a guy who makes $600,000 per month… and basically settles all his evictions. Its has saved him boat loads of legal fees in the long run.



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